Welcome to EARCOS Leadership Conference 2012


The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is excited to invite you and your administrative staff as delegates at the 43rd annual EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC2012) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, scheduled for November 1-4, 2012. We have a host of excellent keynote speakers and workshop presenters. Our keynoters are: Milton Chen, Alan November, and Greg Whitby.

Please navigate through our website to view the list of speakers and their presentation topics along with titles and descriptions. This will be updated weekly to maintain the most current information about the presentations. Please use the menu bar above and side bar for additional information on the conference.

We think the conference will prove to be professionally stimulating and will provide you with an opportunity for networking and building camaraderie.

Conference Theme: The "Why" of School in 2030
Conference Venue: Shangri-la, Kuala Lumpur

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EARCOS Leadership Conference 2012
Further info :
If you have any questions, please contact the EARCOS office or email Vitz Baltero, ELC Coordinator at vitz@earcos.org

Schedule of Conference

October 30, 2012 / Tuesday EARCOS Board Meeting
October 31, 2012 / Wednesday Leadership Thru Partnership (LTP)
School Head & School Board Chair (EARCOS Members Only)
November 1, 2012 / Thursday Preconferences
November 2, 2012 / Friday First Day of Conference
November 3, 2012 / Saturday Second Day of Conference
November 4, 2012 / Sunday Third Day of Conference / Gala Night


Keynote Speakers

Milton Chen Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in Schools
Alan November Who Owns the Learning?
Greg Whitby Leading for a future for schools

Preconference Presenters

Presenter Topic
Kevin Bartlett (Wednesday / Thursday) Total School: Systematizing the Learning Business
Bambi Betts No More Excuses! MUST DO High Leverage Practices for International School Leaders - (Registration CLOSED)
Marc Frankel Leadership through Partnership
Marilyn George WASC Visiting Committee Chair Training
John Littleford / Ted Faunce The Building Blocks of Successful Fund Raising In International Schools
Jay McTighe Creating an Understanding-based Curriculum and Assessment System for 21st Century Learning (Registration CLOSED)
Jennifer Sparrow Transforming Data into Action (Registration CLOSED)
David Warlick Promoting & Supporting a Learning Culture in Your School (Registration CLOSED)

IB PRECONFERENCE (Wednesday / Thursday)
An Introduction to the IB Programme Standards for Administrators New to the PYP(Category 1)
(Heads of School, School Directors, PYP Coordinators new to the IB PYP)
Presenter: Chiqui Colet

Diploma Programme Co-ordinators(Category 2)
(Coordinators with at least two years' experience in the role)
Presenter: Gary Piech

visit website http://ibo.org/events/earcos12/index.cfm
For more information about the IB please contact Stuart Jones at stuart.jones@ibo.org

Open to all board members, especially those attending for the first time and who have never had a formal board training seminar.


Special Workshop Presenters

Presenter Topic
Jennifer Abrams Professional Communication
Kevin Bartlett The Common Ground Curriculum
Bambi Betts Evaluation / Assessment
Jeffrey S. Brooks / Anthony Normore Culturally Relevant Leadership
Milton Chen 21st Century Learning
Carol Commodore Leadership / Assessment
Marcel Daane AD Work
Will Fitzhugh HS Student Research Papers
Marc Frankel Governance, Leadership and Strategy
Evan Glazer Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Nancy Hargrave Meislahn US University Admission and Financial Aid 2012
Chris Jansen Leadership
John Littleford The Search for Top Talent and Paying for it!
Giselle Martin-Kniep School improvement and leadership
Jay McTighe UbD
Alan November 21st Century Technology
David Warlick Contemporary literacy & appropriate pedagogies
Greg Whitby Learning by Inquiring


Workshop Presenters (school members)

Presenter Topic
Andrew Aldrich / Tim Carr / Jim Koerschen Leadership Q&A
Chip Barder / Ettie Zilber Profit vs Non Profit Schools
Madeleine Bystrom / Antonia Boush Collaborative Leadership
Tim Carr / David Toze New Heads
Tim Carr / Robert Landau "And... Action!"
Keegan Combs Teacher Development (PLCs)
Pete Corcoran / Jarret Lambie Learning in the Land of the Morning Calm (Korea)
Dale Cox Teacher Recruitment
Andy Davies / Kelly Armitage / Chris Tananone / Teresa Belisle / Pat O'Brien Learning Focused Teacher Appraisal
Paul DeMinico Board-Head Working Relationships
Maxine Driscoll So It's time to create a new Strategic Plan!
Meagan Enticknap-Smith Teaching for Understanding
Daniel Eschtruth The Third Teacher: Creative and Effective Design for the Early Chilhood Classroom
Deidre Fischer Building capacity and maximising the efectiveness of all staff - how?
Sarah Garner From operational to strategic: one board's journey
Richard Gaskell The Changing Face of International Schools: historical growth, current overview and future prospects
Marilyn George Accreditation
Jon Goldstein Teaching and Learning
Kim Green / Greg Smith Contextualized leadership training influences the rate of school improvement
Judith Hegedus / William Johnson Advanced Placement
Mike Johnston Global Education
Alan Knobloch Ready, Fire, Aim
Gavin Lazaro Assessment
Stefanie Leong Update on the Recognition Initiatives of IB Diploma Programme Worldwide
Joseph Levno Empowering Teachers
Richard Mast Developing Measures of Success
Laurie McLellan / Arek Owczareck Avoid being green when deciding to become a Green School
Heather Naro / Erin Robinson Standards-Based Assessment & Reporting
Oscar Nilsson OneNote for Administrators
Sean O'Maonaigh Coaching Leadership - underpinning the implementation of a comprehensive professional development plan.
Paul O'Neill ICT Integral to Learning
Ken Paynter World Virtual School
Erin Robinson Cultural Competency in International Schools
Tammy Rodabaugh Curriculum
Karen Rohrs / Courtney Lowe Putting the Leader in Teacher Leaders
Jeff Rosen / Brad Latzke Micro Campuses: The Alternative Learning Space of the Future
Jennifer Sparrow Assessment/Use of Data
Joe Stucker Seeking Your Next (of Maybe Your First) Principal Position
Ian Sutherland Leadership
Rob Thompson Customer service in school administration
TK Ostrom / Aimee Gruber / Craig Trygstad / Kevin McAllister / Anne Sullivan Admissions
Jill Watson / Liz Gale Teacher Evaluation
J. Andrew Westerman Parent Involvement in International Schools
Julian Whiteley School Culture