EARCOS Leadership Mentorship (ELM)

EARCOS Leadership Mentorship (ELM) Application Preamble

One of the most important steps in a mentoring relationship is properly pairing the mentor and mentee. The pathway for EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) requires a deliberate, yet practical pairing process accomplished through completion of the application, which follows. Ideally, ELM will be a mutual benefit partnership, which results in benefits for mentees and mentors to include:

• Become part of a network that has a greater understanding.
• Learn management, analytical, technical and strategic leadership skills.
• Be introduced to new opportunities, experiences referrals, and resources.
• Develop relationships with professionals and have opportunities to learn from them.
• Have access to many new colleagues who have a range of skills/knowledge.

• Have the satisfaction of coaching and encouraging new skills.
• Have your values, skills, experiences and knowledge recognized.
• Initiate an opportunity to do something different and develop your own interpersonal skills.
• Develop a relationship with another professional that has expertise and network in areas of similar interest.

Mentors and Mentees
• Achieve personal fulfillment from investing in each other.
• Build a positive reputation for yourself as someone who is a reputable mentor/mentee.
• Receive recommendations from your mentors and endorsements from your mentees.
• Identify testimonials, case studies and referrals to enhance your professional profile.
• Expand your network of contacts.
• Improve your processes and performance.
• Improve your leadership skills.
• Learn from alternative approaches and different ways of thinking.
• Benefit from a reciprocal relationship.
• Develop new coaching skills.

Mentorship Guide; University at Albany Public Health; Mentoring in the 21st Century; Spring 2013.

Therefore, the intentionality aspects of ELM are squarely aimed at assurances that mentors and mentees derive benefit from the relationship. Also, it aims to make available some form of mentoring for the region’s learning leaders who do not have formal or informal opportunities available to them in their schools.

The application process and accompanying questions are designed to help determine the type of mentoring relationship that is desired and needs of the mentee and mentor.

First choose your participation role - ‘mentor’ or ‘mentee’. This choice will lead you to questions associated with your anticipated role choice. You are advised to read the preamble, which will assist you in understanding the aims of the EARCOS mutual beneficial mentoring–coaching program.

IMPORTANT: "Prospective ELM Mentors and Mentees should email Joe Petrone at jpetrone@earcos.org to receive an access code to begin the application process. Also, should you have any immediate questions, please address them to Joe.”



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