Spring Heads’ Institute/Retreat 2018

Spring Heads’ Institute/Retreat 2018
Yangon, Myanmar April 18-19, 2018

The EARCOS Board of Trustees
(Top L-R) Saburo Kagei (St. Mary's International School), Dr. Lawrence A. Hobdell (U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer, East Asia Pacific), Barry Sutherland (International School of Phnom Penh), Kevin Baker (Busan International Foreign School), David Toze (Past President, International School Manila), Norma Hudson (Secretary, International School Kuala Lumpur), Stephen Cathers (Vice-President, International School Suva), Laurie McLellan (Nanjing International School), Andrew Davies (Treasurer International School Bangkok).

(Seating L-R) Dick Krajczar (EARCOS Executive Director) and Margaret Alvarez (President, ISS International School)

EARCOS Board Meeting.

Dr. K greets the delegates, guests, and spouses for their tour of Myanmar.

Dr. Margaret Alvarez, EARCOS president introduced Dr. Rob Evans who will lead this year Spring Heads' Institute/Retreat 2018.

(L-R) Laurie McLellan (Head of School, Nanjing International School), Sab Kagei (Head of School, St. Mary's International School), and Andrew Davies (Head of School, International School Bangkok)

Dr. K with Teresa Robbins and Dick B. Robbins (President and CEO, Brent International School Manila).

Dr. K with Ms. Colette Rogers (Head of School at Seisen International School), and Dr. Lawrence A. Hobdell (U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer, East Asia Pacific).

Dr. Margaret Alvarez, Dr. Rob Evans, and Dr. K.

Dr. Rob Evans received a gift from EARCOS.

EARCOS recognizes the following head of schools who will leave the region. We wish them good health and lasting prosperity.
(First row L-R) Dr. Charles P. Barder (Head of School, United Nations International School of Hanoi), Shelly Luke Wille (Chadwick International School)

(Second row L-R) Dr. Shalee Cunningham (Head of School, Ruamrudee International School), Ms. Donna Lee Bloor (Principal, The Intercultural School of Bogor)


Next year's dates are April 26/27 at the Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mark your calendar!


Photo credits to Sab Kagei (Head of School, St. Mary's International School)
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