Richard T. Krajczar Humanitarian Award

This annual award is given in recognition of EARCOS’ longest serving Executive Director, Dr. Richard T. Krajczar. His commitment to international education was unparalleled and equaled only by his genuine love for friends, colleagues and the students served across the EARCOS region.

Caring for others was not just Dr. K’s passion but raison d’etre. His support of those who provided sustenance and care for the less fortunate was among his most endearing traits. To that end, the EARCOS Board of Trustees has established the Richard T. Krajczar Humanitarian Award to recognize, each year, the work of one not-for-profit organization with a proven record of philanthropy in the East Asia/Pacific Region.

The Annual Award Includes:

1. US$ 10,000, distributed in equal portions over two consecutive years, to support the selected organization’s initiatives
2. An engraved plaque
3. Complimentary R/T air fare and hotel accommodation for the EARCOS Leadership Conference where the financial award and plaque will be presented to a representative of the organization.
4. Hotel and meals for the duration of the conference

Selection Criteria

1. No later than April 15, candidate organizations will submit an application to the Executive Director of EARCOS and the Review Committee. The application will provide:
   a. A description and history of the organization’s focus and initiatives
   b. A narrative detailing the impact of the organization’s efforts to date
   c. Photographs and brief testimonials related to the organization’s work
   d. An assessment of the need for additional support and what that support is expected to provide
   e. Information about the working relationship, if any, between the organization and a Service Club of one or more of the EARCOS
       member schools.
   f. Current sources and levels of funding and an explanation of how the funds, if awarded, would be used
   g. A copy of the organization’s charter or Articles of Association  

2. The Award Committee will include:
   a. The Executive Director of EARCOS
   b. The Treasurer of the EARCOS Board of Trustees
   c. A second member of the EARCOS Board of Trustees
   d. The Community Service Coordinator of an EARCOS member school
   e. A member of the Krajczar family

By June 15, the committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees whose decision will be final.