List of Approved Professional Learning Weekend for SY2018-2019

One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. The topics for these workshops are determined according to the needs of members. Workshops are hosted by EARCOS schools.

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Aug 4-5
School: Daegu International School
Title: Developing Effective Grading and Reporting of Student Learning

Consultant: Ken O'Connor
Coordinator: Scott Jolly,

Aug 5-6
School: ISE International School
Title: Support EAL students in the mainstream classroom

Consultant: Jose Media or Virginia Rojas (TBD)
Coordinator: Holly Reardon,

Aug 18-19
School: Mont Kiara International School
Title: Balanced Literacy: The Workshop Model in CCSS & PYP/MYP Classrooms

Consultant: Vincent Ventura
Credit: SDSU
Coordinator: Paul Henderson,


Sept 1-2
School: Hong Kong International School
Title: Reimagining Science and Engineering with NGSS & Three Dimensional Learning (Elementary and Middle School Teachers)

Consultant: Wendy Smith
Coordinator: Don Drake,

Sept 1-2
School: Wells International School - On Nut Campus
Title: Compass Education Level 1: Compass Practitioner Workshop

Consultant: Compass Education
Coordinator: Katina Grigoraskos,

Sept 7-8
School: Nanjing International School
Title: Pedagogical Documentation: Discussing Learning through a Collaborative Process

Consultant: Junko Cancemi
Coordinator: Arden Tyoschin,

Sept 8-9
School: Shanghai American School
Title: ACTFL Global Language

Consultant: Paul Sandrock
Coordinator: Janet Claassen,

Sept 8-9
School: Stamford American International School
Title: Adaptive Schools Foundational Seminar Part 1
(Part 2, March 8-9)
Consultant: Carol Brooks Simoneau
Coordinator: Christie Powell,

Sept 8-9
School: Tokyo International School
Title: Nurturing Agency in the Inquiry Classroom

Consultant: Kath Murdoch
Coordinator: Christopher Frost,

Sept 15-16
School: Concordia International School Hanoi
Title: Upgrade Your Reader's Workshop: Deepening Thinking around Planning, Assessment, Responsive Teaching, and Inquiry

Consultants: Suanne Forrester & MaryAnn Sayaz
Coordinator: Kristin Kappelmann,

Sept 15-16
School: International Christian School - Hong Kong
Title: Next Generation Science Standards Implementation

Consultant: Kirk Robbins
Coordinator: Liz Hutchison,

Sept 22-23
School: International School of Beijing
Title: The Languages of Drawing in a Context of Creative Inquiry: Understanding Mark Making and Drawings of Early Years Learners

Consultants: Debi Keyte-Hartland and Louise Lowings
Coordinator: Ruth Poulsen,

Sept 22-23
School: Jakarta Intercultural School
Title: Making Thinking Visible

Consultant: Mark Church
Coordinator: Daniel Machacek,

Sept 23-24
School: International School Manila
Projecting Reading Units and Developing The Workshop Model
Consultant: Kathy Collins
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Sam Cook,

Sept 27-29
School: Dominican International School
Title: The Culture of Reflective Practice

Consultant: Ms. Alisa Simeral
Coordinator: Ms. Milagrosa Librea (Agosh),

Sept 29-30
School: American School in Taichung
Title: Integrating your mission and core values into the curriculum

Consultant: Rami Madani
Coordinator: Rachel Bishop,

Sept 29-30
School: Ruamrudee International School
Title: Reader's Workshop: "From Basics to Blastoff"

Consultants: Scott Riley and Anne Marie Chow
Credit: SDSU
Coordinator: Tonya Parham,

Sept 29-30
School: Ruamrudee International School
Title: Elevating Student Health and Wellness: An Integrated Approach

Consultant: Amy Lauren Smith
Credit: SDSU
Coordinator: Madeleine Bystrom,

School: Brent International School Subic
Title: A Repair Kit for Grading

Consultant: Ken O'Connor
Coordinator: Steve Allan,

School: Western Academy of Beijing
Title: Personalized Learning

Consultant: Allison Zmuda
Coordinator: Nathaniel Atherton,



Oct 6-7
School: Busan Foreign School
Title: Design Action: Design by Making. Working with Purdue Universities Wonder Design Lab

Consultant: TJ Kim
Coordinator: Iain Macfarlane,

Oct 6-7
School: The International School Yangon
Title: Visible Learning Foundations and How Students Learn

Consultant: Selena Hinchco
Coordinator: Laurie Ransom,

Oct 12-13
School: Hangzhou International School
Title: Strengthening An Inclusive School

Consultant: Lee Ann Jung
Coordinator: Jeffry Stubbs,

Oct 13-14
School: Ruamrudee International School
Title: 6+1 Traits of Writing; Introduction to a Writing Model of Instruction and Assessment

Consultant: Madeleine Bystrom
Credit: SDSU
Coordinator: Madeleine Bystrom,

Oct 13-14
School: Shanghai American School
Title: Learning Math with Understanding

Consultant: Caty Romero Allen
Coordinator: Janet Claassen,

Oct 13-14
School: International School of Beijing
Title: An Introduction to Mindfulness in Education: Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness

Consultants: Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Ruth Poulsen,

Oct 20-21
School: United Nations Int'l School of Hanoi
Title: Language Performance towards Proficiency

Consultant: Yuehua (Susan) Zhang
Coordinator: Aiqin Li,

Oct 20-21
School: International School of Kuala Lumpur
Title: The Choreography of Presenting

Consultant: Kendall Zoller
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Rami Madani,

Oct 27-28
School: Cebu International School
Title: Collaborating for Integrated Content and Language Learning for English Learners

Consultant: Dr. Gini Rojas
Coordinator: Ma. Socorro, Laplana

School: Chadwick International School
Title: Writing Workshop with Matt Glover

Consultant: Matthew Glover
Coordinator: Anya Dalais,


Nov 2-3
School: Morrison Academy
Title: Leading the Way to Standards Based Grading and Assessment in Your Classroom and School

Consultant: Dr. Douglas Reeves
Coordinator: Missy Basnett,

Nov 3-4
School: International School Bangkok
Title: Understanding the Needs of Diverse Learners (and what to do about it)

Consultant: Dr. Keith Collins
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Elizabeth Rossini,

Nov 3-4
School: Korea International School
Title: Connecting Mathematics to the World Around Us

Consultant: Ron Lancaster
Coordinator: Patricia Quade

Nov 10-11
School: Busan International Foreign School
Title: Understanding and supporting learning differences in your classroom

Consultant: Ann Helmus
Coordinator: Michelle Roland,

Nov 10-11
School: Saigon South International School
Title: Feelings first: Accelerating the Emotional Development of Students to Maximize Success

Consultant: Jacob Humes
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Tina Fossgreen,

Nov 10-11
School: Saint Maur International School
Title: Collaborative Skills and Practices to Enhance Student Learning with focus on Peer Observation

Consultant: Margaret Maclean
Coordinator: Annette Levy,

Nov 10-11
School: Taipei American School
Title: Supporting Transitions for Third Culture Kids

Consultant: Doug Ota
Credit: University of San Diego (Possibly)
Coordinator: Peter Kimball,

Nov 10-11
School: United World College of South East Asia
Title: Socratic Seminars

Consultant: John Zola
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Reshma Lalvani Sujan,

Nov 10-11
School: Yangon International School
Title: Data-Driven Personalized Learning

Consultant: Ms. Annie Keep-Barnes
Coordinator: Dr. Brook MacNamara,

Nov 17-18
School: Surabaya Intercultural School
Title: Differentiated Instructions in the Classrooms for EAL/ELL

Consultant: Dr. Virginia P. Rojas
Coordinator: Matthew Gaetano,

Nov 17-18
School: Vientiane International School
Title: Collaborative Skills and Practices to Enhance Student Learning

Consultant: Margaret McLean
Credit: SUNY
Coordinator: Tina Santilli,

School: Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Title: KORCOS18 International Educators' Conference 2018

Consultant: Meagan Fallone, Founder of Barefoot College
Coordinator: Elizabeth Cho,

Nov 23-24
School: Fukuoka International School
Title: Learning and the Brian

Consultant: Dr. Andrew Watson
Coordinator: Robin Schneider,

January 2019

Jan 19-20
School: Suzhou Singapore International School
Title: Unpacking Inclusion - If inclusion is the goal…how do we get there?

Consultants: Greg O'Connor, Lucy Burden, Katie Wellbrook, and Annalise Stephens
Coordinator: Renee Rehfeldt,


Mar 1-2
School: Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Title: Connecting Comprehension and Technology

Consultant: Kristin Ziemke, Author of AMPLIFY
Coordinator: Elizabeth Cho,

Mar 1-3
School: Saigon South International School
SEAPAC (South East Asia Primary Administrators Conference)

Coordinator: Tina M. Fossgreen, OR Daniel Keller,

Mar 23-24
School: Northbridge International School Cambodia
Title: Compass Education Level 2 Practitioner Certification Workshop - Applying Systems Thinking for Sustainability School Transformation

Consultant: Kate Dore
Coordinator: Craig Ziegler,

Mar 29-30
School: Taipei American School
Title: Reading and Research Across Language and Culture

Consultant: Pernille Ripp
Credit: University of San Diego (Probably)
Coordinator: Peter Kimball,


Feb 9-10
School: NIST International School
Title: Compass Education Level 1: Compass Practitioners

Consultant: Compass Education
Coordinator: Nicky Bourgeois,

Feb 23-24
School: Shanghai American School
Title: Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Consultant: Jill Stansbury
Coordinator: Janet Claassen,


May 18-19
School: Nishimachi International School
Title: Reading and Writing Workshop in International Schools

Consultant: Erin Kent
Coordinator: Carol Koran,


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