List of Approved Professional Learning Weekends for SY2019-2020

One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. The topics for these workshops are determined according to the needs of members. Workshops are hosted by EARCOS schools.

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July 30 to Aug 1
School: Chiang Mai International School
Title: Eureka Math Institute

Consultant: Dakota Kondas
Coordinator: Chris Capadona,



Sept 5-8
School: Stamford American International School
Title: Adaptive Schools Foundational Seminar

Consultant: Lynn Sawyer, Adaptive Schools
Coordinator: Christie Powell,

Sept 7-8
School: Canadian International School Bangalore
Title: Collaborative Co-Teaching in EAL

Consultant: Dr. Virginia Rojas
Coordinator: Jane Macmillan,

Sept 7-8
School: International School of Dongguan
Title: Motivating and Engaging Young Adolescents

Consultant: Jack Berckmeyer
Coordinator: Kelly Kramer,

Sept 7-8
School: American International School Hong Kong
Title: Standards Based Assessments

Consultant: Dr. David Anderson
Coordinator: Carla Gipson,

Sept 15-16
School: Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Title: ‘Communication skills that connect, engage and energise: building authentic presentation skills for assemblies, parent meetings and other large groups.’

Consultant: Kendall Zoller
Coordinator: Richard Nunns,

Sept 14-15
School: United Nations International School of Hanoi
Title: Compass Education Level 1 Educator Empowerment Training: Thinking, Learning, and Acting for a Sustainable World

Consultant: Compass Education
Coordinator: Megan Brazil,
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Sept 14-15
School: International School of Kuala Lumpur
Title: Standing on the Shoulders of Others: Using Mentor Text to Teach Writing Craft

Consultant: Stevi Quate
Coordinator: Praxia Apostle,

Sept 14-15
School: International School of Phnom Penh
Title: Outdoor Learning Spaces: The benefits of getting students outdoors and learning

Consultant: Kenny Peavy
Coordinator: Elizabeth Ford,
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Sept 21-22
School: Seoul Foreign School
Title: Performance towards Proficiency – Assessing Authentic Oral Communicative Skills

Consultant: Dr. Susan YueHua Zhang
Coordinator: Jenny YuHong Tang,

Sept 27-28
School: Morrison Academy
Title: Getting Classroom Assessment Right

Consultant: Dr. Laura Link
Coordinator: Missy Basnett,
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Sept 28-29
School: Korea International School
Title: Cognitive Coaching: Dare to Lead

Consultant: Jolene Lockwood
Coordinator: Liz Cho,
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Sept 28-29
School: Ruamrudee International School
Title: Writer's Workshop

Consultants: Anne Marie Chow and Scott Riley
Coordinator: Tonya Parham,
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Sept 28-29
School: Saigon South International School
Title: PlayTime - Making and Coding for Educators

Consultant: Evan Weinberg
Coordinator: David Chadwell,
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Oct 5-6
School: American School in Taichung
Title: Learning Targets, Feedback, and Proficiency Based Grading

Consultant: Hannah S. Reeder
Coordinator: Rachel Bishop,

Oct 5-6
School: Bandung Independent School
Title: The Role of the Teacher in Student Well-Being

Consultant: Dr. Christopher Liang
Coordinator: Katie Stone,

Oct 5-6
School: Saigon South International School
Title: iPad Inspiration for Every Classroom - Technology by Design

Consultant: Rebecca Jardin
Coordinator: David Chadwell,
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Oct 12-13
School: Nagoya International School
Title: Understanding and Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Consultant: Lori Boll
Coordinator: Chelsea Wilson Sword,

Oct 12-13
School: Shanghai SMIC Private School
Title: Connecting Mathematics to the World Around Us

Consultant: Ron Lancaster
Coordinator: Dr. Emmanuel T. Vincent,

Oct 19-20
School: Shenzhen Shekou International School
Title: Every Teacher is a Language Teacher

Consultant: Dr. Virginia Rojas
Coordinator: Megan Kuemmerlin,
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Oct 20-21
School: Chadwick International School
Title: At What Cost? Defending adolescent development in a fiercely competitive world

Consultant: David Gleason
Coordinator: Mirela Matesan,

School: Osaka YMCA International School
Title: Numeracy, Math and the Real World

Consultant: Ron Lancaster
Coordinator: Marc Mesich,



Nov 2-3
School: Seisen International School
Title: Teaching with ATL in mind ( Approaches to Learning)

Consultant: Lance King
Coordinator: Matthew

Nov 2-3
Hong Kong International School
Title: Designing an Assessment System to Measure Three Dimensional Science Learning
(Elementary and Middle School Teachers)
Consultant: Wendy Smith
Coordinator: Don Drake,

Nov 9-10
School: Busan International Foreign School
Title: Reaching All Learners - Understanding common diagnoses and expanding your classroom toolbox

Consultant: Michelle Roland
Coordinator: Michelle Roland,

Nov 9-10
School: Cebu International School
Title: ATL Skills Program Design and Implementation

Consultant: Lance King
Coordinator: Aimee Underwood,
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Nov 9-10
School: Surabaya Intercultural School
Title: Assessment for Learning

Consultant: Tania Lattanzio
Coordinator: Rochelle Santiago,

Nov 15-16
School: IGB International School
Title: The Magic of Learning

Consultant: Silvia Tolisano
Coordinator: Darryl Harding,

Nov. 16
School: Korea International School
Title: KORCOS International Educators' Conference 2019

Consultant: Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes (
Coordinator: Liz Cho,

Nov 23-24
School: Concordia International School Hanoi
Title: Collaboration, Co-Planning, Co-Teaching in support of ELL learners

Consultant: TBA
Coordinator: Ian Sutherland,

Nov 30-Dec 1
School: International School Bangkok
Title: Social and Emotional Learning for Teens: Why, What & How?

Consultant: Amy Smith
Coordinator: Jennifer DeLashmutt ,

Nov 30-Dec 1
School: International School Bangkok
Title: Creating The Learning Support Classroom of Tomorrow

Consultant: Phil Bowman
Coordinator: Jennifer DeLashmutt,

School: Nishimachi International School
Title: Reading and Writing Workshop in International Schools

Consultant: Erin Kent
Coordinator: Carol Koran,



Jan 11-12
School: Osaka International School
Title: Supporting Global Citizenship, Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals Integration

Consultant: Justin Bedard
Coordinator: Kazuya Sakanaka,

Jan 18-19
School: Yokohama International School
Title: Learning Through Wellness
Consultant: Energetic Education - Dale Sidebottom
Coordinator: Susie Clifford,

Jan 18-19
School: Brent International School Manila
Title: Student Health and Wellbeing
Consultant: Amy Lauren Smith
Coordinator: John Whalley,

Jan 18-19
School: Tokyo International School
Title: Fusing Reading & Writing Workshop 
in IB-Style School Settings
Consultant: Christopher Frost
Coordinator: Joey Kaufhold,
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Jan 18-19
School: Suzhou Singapore International School
Title: How the Science of Learning can Inform the Art of Teaching

Consultant: Ewen Bailey
Coordinator: Ewen Bailey,



February (TBC)
School: International School of Phnom Penh
Title: Inspire Citizens

Consultants: Steve Sostak & Aaron Moniz of Inspire Citizens
Coordinator: Elizabeth Ford,

Feb 8-9 (TBC)
School: Shanghai American School
Title: Visual and Performing Arts Summit

Consultant: Nyssa Brown and Jeremy Holien
Coordinator: Fay Leong,

Feb 15-16
School: The American School in Japan
Title: Planning to Engage and Empower Readers and Writers

Consultant: Penny Kittle
Coordinator: Ginny Prairie,

Feb 29 - Mar 1
School: KIS International School
Title: Concept Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding level 1 for Prek to 12 teachers

Consultant: Jennifer Chang Wathall
Coordinator: Alison Yang,



March 7-8
School: Xiamen International School
Title: The Writing Workshop: Creating a Community of Writers

Consultant: Laurie Ransom
Coordinator: Laurie Ransom,

March 7-8
School: Surabaya Intercultural School
Title: Conceptual Based Learning

Consultant: Tania Lattanzio
Coordinator: Rochelle Santiago,

Mar 7-8
Hong Kong International School
Title: Connecting NGSS and the PYP Curriculum Framework (Elementary Teachers & PYP Coordinators)

Consultant: Wendy Smith
Coordinator: Don Drake,

Mar 13-14
School: United Nations International School of Hanoi
Title: MS and HS Leadership

Consultant: TBA
Coordinator: Marc Vermeire,

Mar 14-15
School: Korea International School
Title: Power of Music in the Elementary Years

Consultant: Beth Nelson, Director, Orff Schulwerk Teacher Certification Course
Coordinator: Liz Cho,



April 11-12
School: Yokohama International School
Title: Inclusive Classrooms

Consultant: Matt Barker
Coordinator: Susie Clifford,

April 23-24
School: Alice Smith School
Title: Catering for the needs of all learners in Maths

Consultant: Janet Smith
Coordinator: Jaime Thistleton,



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