List of Approved Professional Learning Weekends for SY2020-2021

One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. The topics for these workshops are determined according to the needs of members. Workshops are hosted by EARCOS schools.


Title: Writer's Workshop
Date: Sept 25-26
Consultant: Dr. Hannah Reeder
School: Shanghai SMIC Private School
Coordinator: Emmanuel T. Vincent
Country: China

Title: Digital Verbal Discourse (based on Hattie's research)
Date: Sept 26-27

Consultant: Abdul Chohan
School: Canadian International School Bangalore
Coordinator: Chris Page,
Country: India


Title: Writing Like A Reader, Reading Like A Writer: Making Literacy Connections Through Individual Student Conferences
Date: October 3-4

Consultant: Daniel Feigelson
School: International School of Kuala Lumpur
Coordinator: Praxia Apostle,
Country: Malaysia

Title: Balanced Literacy with a Focus on Workshop Methodology
Date: Oct 23-24

Consultant: Erin Kent Consulting
School: Canggu Community School
Coordinator: Beth Ibrahim,
Country: Indonesia


Title: Teaching with ATLs (Approaches to Learning) in Mind - Across Secondary Year-Levels
Date: Nov 13-14

Consultant: Lance King
School: Canggu Community School
Coordinator: Keegan Combs (HOS),
Country: Indonesia

Title: Communicative Intelligence - How to build a strong community steeped in dignity and respect
Date: Nov 21-22

Consultant: Kendall Zoller
School: Brent International School Manila
Coordinator: John Whalley,
Country: Philippines

Title: Concept-based teaching and learning
Date: Nov 28-29

Consultant: Tania Lattanzio
School: European International School HCMC
Coordinator: Michael Perry,
Country: Vietnam


December 5-6, 2020 at Chadwick International School


Title: Reimagining Science and Engineering with NGSS & Three Dimensional Learning (Elementary - Grade 10)
Date: January 23-24
Consultant: Wendy Smith
School: International Christian School - Hong Kong
Coordinator: Liz Hutchison,
Country: Hong Kong

Title: The MARIO Framework: Creating the Learning Support Classroom of Tomorrow
Date: Jan 23-24

Consultant: Philip Bowman
School: International School Bangkok
Coordinator: Jennifer DeLashmutt,
Country: Thailand


Title: Aligning Teaching and Assessment with Standards Based Grading
Date: Feb 6-7

Consultant: To be provided by Education Resource Group
School: American School in Taichung
Coordinator: Vickie Swann,
Country: Taiwan

Title: Student Health and Well-Being
Date: Feb 6-7

Consultant: Amy Lauren Smith
School: Brent International School Manila
Coordinator: John Whalley,
Country: Philippines


Title: MTSS and RTIi in International Schools
Date: March 13-14

Consultant: Lee Ann Jung
Credit: San Diego State University
School: Hangzhou International School
Coordinator: Matthew Baxter,
Country: China


Title: Inclusive Classrooms
Date: April 10-11

Consultant: Matt Barker
School: Yokohama International School
Coordinator: Susie Clifford & Jay Brownrigg, &
Country: Japan

Title: UDL-How Are We Designing Learning for All?
Date: April 3-4

Consultant: Katie Novak
School: International School Bangkok
Coordintor: Jennifer DeLashmutt
Country: Thailand

Title: Leadership reinvented for a knowledge/learning society.
Date: April 9-10 or 11

Consultant: Sharon Frisen
School: Osaka YMCA International School
Coordinator: Marc Mesich,
Country: Japan


Title: Planning for Conceptual Understanding
Date: May 1-2

Consultant: Tania Lattanzio
School: Surabaya Intercultural School
Coordinator: Rochelle Santiago,
School: Indonesia

Title: Thinking Big Starting Small: Inquiry Based Music Classrooms
Date: May 15-16

Consultant: Peter Noonan
School: Yokohama International School
Coordinator: Susie Clifford & Jay Brownrigg, &
Country: Japan



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