EARCOS Recommended Workshop Facilitators

EARCOS Weekend Workshops are a highly successful professional development vehicle. Each year EARCOS supports over forty individual workshops held at member schools. EARCOS endorses the following list of workshop facilitators working in EARCOS member schools.  In order to become an endorsed facilitator please submit a list of presentations you have made along with a letter of recommendation from your school head.


Michael Boll
School: Concordia International School, Shanghai, China
Area of Expertise: Tools to Make the Classroom Technologically Efficient and Purposeful
Email: michael.boll@ciss.com.cn

Dr. Steven E. Ballowe
School: Ruamrudee International School
Area of Expertise: Strategic Planning
Email: director@rism.ac.th

Kim Cofino
School: Yokohama International School
Area of Expertise:21st Century Literacy
Email: mscofino@gmail.com
Website: http://kimcofino.com/

Greg Israel
School: Korea International School
Area of Expertise: Technology Integration / Social Studies
Email: gisrael@kis.or.kr

Michael Lambert
School: Concordia International School, Shanghai
Area of Expertise: Visual Thinking- Humanities, Film, Technology
Email: michael.lambert@ciss.com.cn

David Larson
School: Concordia International School, Shanghai
Area of Expertise: 21st Century Learning Skills, Apple Distinguished Educator
Email: david.larson@ciss.com.cn

Eleni McDermott
School: Shekou International School, Shenzhen, China
Area of Expertise: Early Childhood Education
Email: emcdermott@sis.org.cn

Mary Ellen Ryan
School: Hong Kong International School
Area of Expertise: Parenting gifted children, Differentiated Instruction, and Math Differentiation
Email: mryan@hkis.edu.hk

Alana Steward
School: Tohoku International School
Area of Expertise: IT Curriculum Integration, Curriculum Design (ES/MS), IT Staff Training Programs, Preparing for Accreditation, ESL Integration
Email: asteward@tisweb.net

Jennifer Sparrow
School: Singapore American School
Area of Expertise: Data Analysis
Email: JSparrow@sas.edu.sg

Ian Sutherland
School: Concordia International School Hanoi
Area of Expertise: Leadership Development, Research Methods, Social and Cultural dynamics of Learning and Leadership, Formative Learning, and Trust in schools
Email: ian.sutherland@concordiahanoi.org

Kate Wentworth
School: Korea International School
Area of Expertise: Infusing Technology into the Art Curriculum
Email: cwentworth@kis.or.kr