From 1.0 to 2.0, Brand New Campus, Unchanged SCIE Spirits

Submitted by: Sherry Lai
Appeared on the ET Journal Winter Issue 2020


My life in SCIE was wonderful in Shuiwei old campus, it gifted me the attitude of curiosity and kindness to all unknowns in the future.” -Chenxing Han,Class of 2018

“SCIE is one of the few places where students with diverse personalities and different backgrounds can grow and speak out their voice freely. It would be glad to see this treasure being passed on to our new campus as it cultivates more independent and com-petitive students.” -Xiao Yang, Former Chairman of Students Union, Class of 2019

“Overlooking the new campus of Shenzhen College of International Education(SCIE), resting peacefully on a big platform which steadily palms the learning space for teachers and students. Here we find the preciousness and values of education.” Said Li Xiaodong, SCIE new campus architect and Winner of the Arkham Prize for Architecture. The campus is surrounded by water, forming intangible boundaries between the tranquil school environment and vibrant urban life.

Teachers and students witnessed the opening of this brand new campus alongside of Antuo Shan in this late summer in 2020. What changes Antuo Shan Campus will bring to all staff with SCIE core value that has lasted for 17 years?

Much meaningful and wonderful memories are being created in this place where students are cultivated and educated. Locating in Antuo Community, the campus is fea-tured as an elegant and refined looking, green and flexible space, user-friendly equipment, comparing with the advanced community facilities.

“This campus is built to satisfy the demand of our teachers and students.” Commented by Principal Mr. Neil Mobsby. Analysed by an architecture report from Tsinghua University, “the comfortable and multi-functional space in SCIE new campus reflects the complexity and creativity of teaching, the diversity of extra-curriculum activities, the mutual communication of staff and students, and the global vision of international education etc..”

The façade of campus is full of liveliness, with the body of ‘Morandi Grey’ which essentially is concretes decorated with simple elegance, while ‘greenness’ here stands for landscape which is covered by giant trees, dense bushes, young reeds, and light bamboo. Also, the sky garden is scattered with the vertical vines and other diverse plants; the clear stream with black stone at the bottom around the campus is like the ‘bul-wark’ to this vivid and natural site. Those who stay here concentrate better, be released from tiredness and realise the internal freedom by feeling the life, truth, as well as love in depth. ‘Here the architecture is to evoke all lives.’ explained by Li Xiaodong. Grey and green, visual and virtual, these elements slow people’s living pace down and enable them to think while experience.

The teaching facilities are intelligentialized, from lab equipments to projectors, from white boards to computer connections, which serve for better communication between teachers and students in class. Also, the purpose of the school design is based on students’ academic learning and physical and psychological well-beings.

Being founded for 17 years, students in SCIE have been growing up in a competitive and cooperative environment. Quoting from some of our parents, “The students’ minds have never been stopped by the limited physical space in the campus but keep exploring the world of knowledge. They are well-mannered, politely behaved and always see things on bright side in their personal growth.”

“SCIE develops with students’ progress, it needs time and diligence. ”said by Principal Mr. Neil Mobsby. Furthermore, SCIE spirits reflect on the continuous daily progress and traditional heritage, which will pass on even moving to the new campus. As stated in the school mission, ‘To educate students in a challenging and international environment that leads to academic achievements at the highest level; and to develop social responsibility, creativity, initiative and enthusiasm, which provides each student with the best preparation for future opportunities.’ SCIE Now, is growing with 17-year rich experience and more than physical site expansion, the core of SCIE spirits pass on from senior to junior groups. We place a high value on focusing the current school students’ health physically and mentally, and seeing graduates who grow up from here develop themselves and achieve success worldwide. Therefore, we look forward to a new chapter and academic achievement in the Antuo Shan new campus in the near future.