Dear International School Communities Around the World,

We are emailing you in regards to the upcoming 45th annual UNIS-UN Conference titled A Global Catastrophe: The Impacts of COVID-19. UNIS-UN is a completely student-run organization that hosts annual conferences at the UN General Assembly Hall for students from around the world to come together and discuss current global issues. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference will be held fully online.

One of the benefits of moving to an online format is that we no longer have the spatial limitations of the General Assembly Hall and can thus extend invitations to new schools. The committee has formulated a schedule that caters to all time zones, and we are excited to invite schools from all around the world.

We were hoping that you could forward the final invitation attached below to the contacts of any international schools you believe might be interested in attending the conference. If you prefer you can also send us the contacts of these different schools and we can do so.

To learn more about UNIS-UN please visit or watch our invitational video which can be accessed here.

We are very excited at the prospect of expanding our attendance and thank you in advance for your support.


Kind Regards,

Jack Hochman and Eva Lifsec
Co-Chairs of UNIS-UN

Niki Corona, Jasmijn Teunissen, and Shaibya Neupane
Coordinators, UNIS-UN Visiting Schools Commission