Due to corona virus, the camp experience was not offered this year (2021).

A Biosphere Stewardship Educational Program

Biosphere Foundation (BF) invites high school students aged 15-18 to join their Balinese counterparts for an environmental stewardship program set in beautiful Bali Barat National Park (BBNP), located on the northwest coast of the island.

The park is a treasure with an abundance of wildlife and contains a rare combination of earth’s ecosystems: a coral reef, rainforest, monsoon forest, mangrove forest and savannah. During this nine-day program, students will have the opportunity to participate in a unique approach to learning about our biosphere and how to care for it.

They will experience the beauty of nature, study the park’s ecosystems and discover their interconnectedness and interdependence. Students will also learn about critical challenges to these ecosystems such as climate change, explore sustainable solutions and join together for a series of service projects in stewardship of the park’s environment.

Students will be encouraged to build awareness about the need to preserve coral reefs and all the ecosystems of the national park and to take action for their protection. These efforts will be viewed in a global context and students will be offered tools for becoming stewardship leaders as well as concrete ways they can make a difference upon their return home through activities such as blogging, presentations and environmental stewardship projects in their local communities. [Read more]

For more information please email Bill Oldread at boldread@earcos.org

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