Welcome to the homepage of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS). For over half a century, EARCOS has provided leadership, support and camaraderie to international schools across East Asia. EARCOS offers many exemplary programs in support of its mission. These include:

The EARCOS Teacher Conference (ETC), held in late March, draws nearly 1,000 teachers from across the region, along with leading voices from across the world of global education. Information on the three-year subject rotation strand may be found here.

The annual EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC) is typically held in late October. The conference has long been recognized as one of the most dynamic gatherings of international school administrators, program specialists, innovators, board trustees and researchers in the world.

Each year, our organization provides grants to member schools as they pursue their own lines of inquiry and professional development. As many as fifty Weekend Workshop Grants are provided annually. EARCOS also provides support for up to ten action research projects each year to regional educators pursuing answers to critical questions. And, we have ventured more deeply into virtual professional development opportunities to meet the needs of educators across the region.

The EARCOS Tri-Journal (ET), published each autumn, winter and spring, provides a professional forum for posing questions, sharing ideas and innovative initiatives that are taking root in our region’s schools. ET also offers this region’s professionals and friends a platform to share personal reflections on the issues that affect all of us in this world of continuous change.

EARCOS is especially proud to offer numerous recognitions and grants to schools’ students. These include the annual Global Citizen Awards, the Global Citizen Grant, the Biosphere Summer Scholarship, the Margaret Sanders Scholarship, and the Richard T. Krajczar Humanitarian Award in support of exemplary community service projects.

EARCOS exists to support the people who make our member schools the tremendous communities of learning they have become--and are continuing to become. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of EARCOS membership, please do let us hear from you.

All best wishes on behalf of the EARCOS Board and our long-serving and dedicated staff—and thank you for visiting our website.


Edward E. Greene, Ph.D.
Executive Director