Exhibitor Guidelines

1. The cost for one exhibitor table or space w/o table (approx. 3’ x 6’) for an Associate member at an EARCOS conference is $250.00. The maximum number of spaces per Associate is two (2). This entitles the exhibitor to utilize the top of the table and the wall behind the table if available. The entire exhibit and backdrop may not extend beyond the length of the table(s) reserved.

2. EARCOS staff will assign the location of the table(s) based upon the requirements of the exhibitor as indicated on the registration form. The exhibitor should not move the table location from the location assigned by EARCOS staff without approval.

3. Exhibitors should not change tables without the approval of EARCOS staff.

4. Placing brochures or flyers on chairs in the ballroom or breakout rooms is strictly prohibited.

5. Exhibitors are expected to provide their own supplies such as tape, scissors, etc.

6. Exhibitors are expected to arrange shipment of their materials to and from the conference venue. EARCOS will not be responsible for shipments from the conference or through customs.

7. The hotel provides a certain level of security for the exhibit area. However, when you are not at your table do not leave valuable items unsecured.

8. Questions or concerns should be addressed to Ver Castro at vercastro@earcos.org or Dr. Joe Petrone at jpetrone@earcos.org

Please read these guidelines and confirm your willingness to abide by these essential requirements. Your understanding of these preconditions for all EARCOS exhibitors helps conference organisers provide an optimal and uninterrupted experience. Also, understand that decisions for table placement are careful and deliberative. This process includes a delicate balancing of multiple factors, not least among them, are variances in venue space and prompt registration.


For more information

If you have any questions, please contact the EARCOS office or email Elaine Repatacodo, ETC Coordinator at lrepatacodo@earcos.org

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